The Park

The beauty, the charm and mystery of this "magic place" of the Riviera di Ponente are once again ready to satisfy the curiosity of visitors after the careful restoration completed in 2006. Complete restoration of the garden, from the point of view of the flora and for the consolidation of facilities, now makes it possible to find the atmosphere designed by the same Adrien Wettach, which tells a great passion for plants. Overall, the park reflects the vegetal heritage typical of historic gardens of the Riviera. The well marked paths invite to walks, while all around the columns, arches, absolutely unique decorations, fountains and a pond with his Oriental-inspired bridge, are the completion of a suggestive scenery and fabulous. It was the same Grock to lead the project signed by the technician Armando Brignole; does not surprise, therefore, the originality of this house hard to define. More than groped to bring it to a style, it is appropriate to consider it a kind of self expression of an extraordinary, playful and creative personality.